HTML5 Banner Ads – page 1


According to Google’s study “Our Mobile Planet” there are some interesting facts about mobile advertising and consumers. 89% of all users in the US that own a smartphone also notice banner ads on them, which is a high recognition compared to other media channels.
Because of this result, Google says that mobile advertising is a critical component of traditional advertising and recommends “Making mobile ads a part of an integrated marketing strategy can drive greater consumer engagement“.
This actually underlines how the market is changing towards mobile and HTML5 showing you how important it is to consider mobile advertising to meet the user’s needs.
This banner was created in HTML5. Meaning it could play on any device but mainly aimed at the IOS iPhone market. With Apple not supporting Adobe Flash on their phones and ipads, the need for animated banner ads that worked across all devices was important to Which? The ad was designed and produced by Smyle Design.